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So apparently

2013-05-25 01:44:37 by INeedABetterUsername

I beat Pico's School for the first time today. It didn't seem anywhere as hard as it was in 2009. Then again, a mouse always beats a trackpad, so I can't say.

Still not alive

2013-04-08 01:02:44 by INeedABetterUsername

I'll be back... eventually...
But for now:
R.I.P Ineedabetterusername
2010 - 2012

Pico Day

2012-05-08 16:45:45 by INeedABetterUsername

I can't believe I forgot. Herp derp.

R.I.P Edd

2012-03-30 20:27:41 by INeedABetterUsername

You will be dearly missed.

How the hail

2012-02-22 21:45:52 by INeedABetterUsername

Do you delete a submission?

So apparently

2012-02-21 16:42:41 by INeedABetterUsername

You're not able to have a Newgrounds Page Banner anymore.


2012-02-21 14:43:43 by INeedABetterUsername

Are a horrible disease. Alas, even I too have been infected.
*barfs rainbow*


2012-02-08 00:05:35 by INeedABetterUsername

I have no avatar due the fact that it was a .gif, and .gifs, or any animated pictures are no longer aloud as avatars. What? Was Newgrounds sued for causing epileptic seizures? If they weren't, they have no reason to ban animated avatars. Therefore, I assume they removed animated avatars for the danger of epilepsy. So, good job!
The confusion ensues.

Hello again!

2012-02-07 22:31:52 by INeedABetterUsername

First time actually submitting something in 6 months.
The new site design is nice, though it has a bad habit of disconnecting you. -.-


2011-11-12 22:59:41 by INeedABetterUsername

bleh. Nothing to say.